GTA 5 Online: First Person Mod Monster Truck Gameplay Revealed
GTA 5 Online: First Person Mod Monster Truck Gameplay Revealed Rockstar Games

There is better news for avid fans of GTA 5, as discerning GTA 5 modder, ChromeX, has unleashed a First Person mod for Monster truck driving in GTA Online.

Renowned GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has demonstrated this exclusive mod from ChromeXmods as part of his monster truck (The Liberator) gameplay video.

The video depicts Dom riding a shotgun with ChromeX seated beside him in the front seat and a sea of custom/mod options to fiddle around such as player options, vehicle options, weapon options and more.

Here is the complete list of mod options accessible through the First Person mod user menu:

  • Player Options
  • Vehicle Options
  • Weapon Options
  • Online Player Menu
  • Model Changer Menu
  • Teleport Menu
  • Vehicle Spawner
  • All Players
  • Misc Options
  • Object Spawner
  • Object Spawner Options
  • Funny Cars
  • Chop Anim's
  • Weather Options
  • Chrom3's Mod Shop
  • Speedometer Options
  • Creator Mode: Off
  • Rank and Unlocks

For illustration purpose of this video, the creator mode is set to OFF and the speedometer is set to ON with its colour set to SV6 Skin.

You may also choose among other variants such as Normal Skin, BMW Skin and Chrome Skin for the speedometer.

The modded speedometer can be rigged to show exactly the same speed as the monster truck is travelling in the game world, which is a real value add for avid fans of GTA.

Given the First Person mod's extreme capabilities with seamless driving experience and lack of any frame lags, it baffles us why Rockstar has delayed the PC release of GTA 5 when everything looks perfect for this most versatile platform.