Discerning GTA 5 tipster, Xbox Videos, has revealed a new Away From Keyboard (AFK) unlimited RP glitch to rank up really fast in GTA Online, after the 1.15 bug-fix update.

This is the simplest and easiest RP glitch available out there and it requires you to just download the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of 2DynamicRP (AFK) job from Rockstar Social Club.

Here are the download links to get started:

2DynamicRP (AFK) for Xbox 360

2DynamicRP (AFK) for PS3

After you have downloaded the job from the given links, just make the suggested changes to the game settings as depicted in the video. You will require at least two to four players to begin the mission.

You can invite your crew members or friends to join you for this mission. The objective of this mission is to capture as many bags as possible in the allotted time to rank up at lightning speed.

The best part of this mission is that all the players logged in can score off RPs at the rate of 25 to 100RP at the same time, regardless of their ranking. Besides, you will earn a bonus of +100RP, +16JP and +$200 money at the end of this mission.

Depending on your ranking, you will get to earn more RP points. For instance, if you are at a lower ranking you will earn around 1000 to 2000RP or if you are a high-ranked player you can earn around 4000 to 8000RP each time you play this mission.