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GTA 5 Online Glitches: Max Out Strength and Shooting Levels Rockstar Games

While most popular GTA 5 glitches focus on making money quickly and scoring RP, a new glitch has something new to offer. The tip comes from YouTuber DomisLive and allows gamers on GTA 5 to max out their strength and shooting skills in minutes.

The method mentioned in the video above requires players to call for the help of a friend. Players must first invite their friends into their garage and get into a car. Once inside, ask your friend to hit the down button on the D-Pad and hover over one of the single player characters. Your friend should get a notification over his screen.

Drive the car outside and ask your friend to hit the circle on the PS3. This will cause him to freeze and activate God Mode on his character, meaning he won't take any damage. Drive to a secluded place so that you won't be troubled by the cops. Using blind eye also helps, as it keeps the cops from you for a good period of time.

Hit the back button on the Xbox 360 or the select button on the PS3, and then change your vehicle access to 'no one'. This will cause your friend to be thrown out of the car, leaving him frozen in his spot.

You can now proceed to deliver head shots with your gun to your friend and he will not take damage. This will allow you to boost up your shooting rating to the maximum level. Similarly, you can keep hitting your friend to boost up your strength rating as well.

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