GTA 5 1.13 High-Life DLC Update: Four New Vehicle Stats, Price and Customisations Revealed

Rockstar's High Life Event Weekend started on Friday and will go on till Sunday. It is one of many events the developer hosts during festive seasons and in some cases, right after the release of an important update.

Below, we've highlighted a few tips for users who would like to make the most of the event and its special offerings. Also check out the video below for more information on that.

How to Make More Money

Rockstar has announced double GTA$ payouts for high stakes impromptu races. You can start these by holding the 'Select' button.

The developer has also increased the maximum bet limit on all jobs to $10,000, thereby neatly tying it in with the High Life theme.

Take some time out to tag your best pictures related to High Life content for a chance to win one million GTA$ from Rockstar, apart from an exclusive licence plate 'HIGHLIFE.'

How to Make More RP

If you're into sports, then there's a lot of RP to be made this weekend. Rockstar is offering triple the RP in golf and tennis. For example, in golf, players can score 600 RP with a birdie and 3000 RP with a hole in one.

Event Crate Drops

Apart from huge RP and GTA$ bonuses, the extra drops will contain RPGs, Sticky Bombs, Miniguns and much more.

Social Club Event Sweepstakes

Rockstar is giving away real life golf related goodies during the High Life Social Club Event Sweepstakes. Five lucky winners will each win the limited-edition GTA Five Iron Golf Club as well as official GTAV t-shirts and stickers.

Ten runners-up will also score Rockstar Prize Packs of an official t-shirt and stickers. You can enter to win right now through Sunday at