GTA 5 Online Tricks and Glitches: Super Speed Wheelie, Wingsuit, Skateboard Glitch and More
Rockstar Games

Thanks to the GTA 5 1.13 High Life update, players now have two garages in which they can store a total of twenty cars. However, for those of you who are looking for more storage space, a new money glitch allows for car duplication and adds the ability to store thirteen cars in a garage.

The glitch comes from TwoDynamic and it happens to be somewhat complex. However, players can easily master it after having performed it once. The method works flawlesely on the Xbox 360 and PS3.


  • BMX on your Bike Rack inside your garage
  • Any motorcycle in your garage
  • A friend in the game waiting outside your garage. He should not be wearing any accessories.
  • The care that you want to duplicate


Players will have to hop onto the motorcycle, set 'vehicle access' to 'passenger' in the interactive menu and then drive the motorcycle outside the garage. Tell your friend to get onto you motorcycle and then constantly press the right button to keep pulling out his weapon.

Leave your friend on the motorcycle, get off and enter your garage. Your friend should still be pressing those buttons as you enter the garage. Get into any vehicle that you would like to duplicate and store on the bike rack, thereby adding an extra slot into your garage.

Drive that vehicle out of your garage, park the vehicle next your friend who is still clicking those buttons. Kill yourself using the "kill yourself" option in the interactive menu without getting out of the car.

Once you have respawned into the game, ask your friend to stop pressing those buttons and get off the bike. Once he is off, it will create a duplicate version of your vehicle. Get into it, drive back to your garage. Ask your friend to get into the original vehicle that is still parked next to him outside your garage.

Drive the duplicated care back into your garage, head over t your BMX bike rack, take one and ride it outside your garage. From there get off the BMX, pull your friend out of the original car and get into it. Take the vehicle to Los Santos Customs, change something on the car, get out of the Los Santos Customs.

After exiting, drive back to your garage and park the vehicle right outside the garage, close to your garage door. Press Start, enter the Xbox Game store. As soon as it loads, exit it and you will spawned back into the same session. Walk back into your garage, get into any vehicle and drive out.

The glitch is done. Your duplicated vehicle can be found on your bike rack. Watch the video below for more information.