GTA 5 Easter-Eggs
GTA 5 Outfit Creator coming with update 1.16. Rockstar Games

According to information found in GTA 5's game code, the 1.16 Update might give gamers on GTA Online the ability to save outfits.

This means that gamers can create an outfit as per their taste and then save it in a slot so that it can be worn in the future instantly without having to mix and match items all over again. The information was discovered by known DLC leakers Lazy Gamer and Spark Live and presented by YouTuber DomisLive.

The code, as you'll see in the video above, indicates that players will be able to save outfits in slots, apart from adding and removing them.

There is also speculation about players having to pay for these slots, like in other multiplayer games like COD: Ghosts. However, given that Rockstar has tried to give gamers a vast majority of GTA Online features away to gamers for free, they are expected to do the same in this case.

In other related GTA 5 news, reports now indicate that Rockstar has started banning players on GTA Online for using money gltiches to exploit the game's bugs to make illegal money. Apart from this, YouTubers are also alleging that Rockstar has undercover gamers in public lobbies to spot and ban cheaters. Read more about that here.

Apart from this, a new video now shows off what missions from the Heists DLC could typically look like. Titled as a GTA 5 Heists Movie, the video features gameplay objectives built around what little information is available on the Heists DLC so far.