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With the release of Title Update 1.07, Rockstar has removed the Rat Loader vehicle from garages in GTA Online. The company has now said that the vehicle will soon be available for storage on its Rockstar Support Website.

Rockstar added that the Rat Loader vehicles and custom mods will be available for a limited period. The game's publisher said that more details regarding this will be made available soon.

Below is the company's statement from the support website.

"We plan to make the Rat Loader and its mods free in game for a limited period of time in the future. As a result, you'll be able to own and store this vehicle again permanently, so if you lost a Rat Loader through TU 1.07 or are simply interested in checking it out, please log into the Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of this page. As soon as there is more information about specific dates, you will receive an automatic email notification when we update this page."

According to the Examiner: "A lot of fans became upset, however, as they believed that car should not be classified as in the 'utility' category."

This is an indicator that the publisher is paying a lot of attention to player feedback and making changes when necessary.

Even though Rockstar has delivered a solid game with GTA 5 and has managed to constantly improve the game experience with more and more new content, the publisher has not been able to do much about cheaters on GTA Online.

For every money glitch or exploit that Rockstar has fixed with a patch, gamers find a few more loopholes and cheats to exploit.

Players have been complaining for months that the online version of the game is unbalanced owing to the massive numbers of cheaters who have managed to amass billions of GTA$.