GTA 5 and Lindsay Lohan
Rockstar Games

With the latest DLC on GTA 5, gamers received two new weapons: the heavy shotgun and the advanced sniper rifle.

FunMW2, renowned LDC leaker, has now reported that Rockstar had initially planned to give out three weapons with the latest DLC and that the Termite bomb or Thermal Charge was cut out from the DLC.

Back in September, a few YouTubers showcased images of the Thermal Charge weapon from the game. However, it is upsetting to learn that Rockstar left that weapon out in the latest update.

Adding more weight to FunMW2's claims are his tweets from Twitter, in which he states that "Scripts use 3 slots for LTS DLC of them WT_THERCHARGE = 0x8408196 = Thermal Charge."

The leaker also offered some information which shows the Thermite Charge being in the game code. If you do happen to know anything about the video game source code, then you should be able to find this in its respective place.

According to YouTuber DomisLive, players had to hit the start button, navigate to settings, scroll to weapons and find the Firework Launcher. The thermite charge was placed right under it, allowing gamers to believe that it was a graphical error by Rockstar. Check that out in the video below.