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A group of video creators called 8-Bit Bastard have now used fotoage from GTA 5 to recreate the opening credits of HBO's The Sopranos.

Compare the two videos and you will notice that the creators have gone through a lot trouble to make their video look like a hot-for-shot remake. And considering that they had to garner details and models from the limited resourced available on GTA 5, their efforts happen to be rather impressive.

"Recreating The Sopranos intro in GTAV was pretty time-consuming, but a lot of fun," 8-Bit Bastard said in the video's description. "It was also our first experience using green screen (you can't smoke in the car while it's moving)!"

The group also said that they would like to work on similar videos with GTA 4 in the future. "One day we'd like to do the same in GTA 4 - probably a much more accurate setting, although we love the West Coast feel of this one."

Below is the original opening credits sequence.

Other creations by the group include their own version of the recreation of a scene from Skyfall on GTA 5. In the past, we have seen several other popular move scenes and trailers recreated in GTA 5, including the famous Toll Both scene from the Godfather, the chase scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day and even a recreation of GTA Vice City.

Keep an eye on this space for more amazing videos of more such fabulous content recreated on GTA 5.