GTA 5: Tips and Tricks to Become Quick Billionaire without Cheats

GTA 5 offers innumerable ways of getting super-rich in no time, thanks to the abundance of glitches that surface after every new bug-fix update from Rockstar Games, besides a handful of cheats, tips and tricks going viral on the internet. Nevertheless, those who prefer to play fair and still become a quick billionaire can do so using a couple of tips and tricks posted in this guide.

There are a couple of quick random missions wherein you are required to save a girl from the gangsters and the other involves finding a kid's stolen bike. The first mission yields you $60,000 and the second gets you richer by $100,000.

Find the Kid's Stolen Bike

This is a random mission that spawns anywhere near your house while playing the game as Franklin or Michael. As The Gamer Headlines reports, a blue marker should pop up on the screen indicating the mission origin. You will hear a kid yelling about his bike being stolen.

You just have to find the stolen bike and return it to its rightful owner. Once the job is done, you will get a "Thank You" letter along with $100,000 in-game cash for helping the cause.

You may recall the conversation when the kid reveals that he is a millionaire and it just turns out true. There is always a nice reward in store for helping the needy NPCs in GTA 5. So, you should really exploit such opportunities.

Rescue the Girl from Gangsters

This mission spawns at a random location in Paleto Bay where you witness two gangsters trying to kill a girl. You can opt to help them or save the girl's life by killing the two guys.

Just take the girl safely to her home and you will get richer by $60,000 in-game cash reward for the job well done. The girl is none other than the daughter of mafia leader Sonny. Well, that could actually serve up more reputation points (RP) for use later in the game.

Ammu-Nation Respawn Robbery Trick

It is a known secret that money re-spawns quickest at all Ammu-Nation stores in GTA 5. Just barge into the store and shoot the cashier to grab some quick cash from the registers.

Now walk out of the shop and travel some distance on foot or a car. Then return to the same store after sometime to steal more money from the cash registers after killing the clerk, of course. Repeat this process to become a quick billionaire in no time.

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