GTA V Stunt Video

Despite releasing several months ago in September, GTA 5 is still one of the most talked about titles in the gaming community.

YouTube has seen thousands GTA 5 video uploads that are about everything from special moments, new in-game discoveries and guides.

A new video from stunt crew "Nomad Union" features some amazing stunts that promise to be quite the spectacle. The group has tapped into GTA 5's slightly over-the-top in-game physics to send bikes, cars and other vehicles sailing over massive structures.

The feats in the video might allow for some suspicion as to whether cheats or mods were used to perform these stunts. However, the team told Koatku that their stunts are absolutely genuine. "No cheats or mods were used to perform the stunts," they are quoted as saying.

Apart from this, the team said: "All the stunts are performed with no changes done to the physics of how the vehicles handle, in other words all legit."

The video below happens to be their third montage, and has them performing tricks and feats. Even though these stunts were performed in a video game, duplicating them will not be an easy task for a majority of video gamers.

Ever since the release of GTA 5, a large number of YouTube gaming channels have begun directing their efforts towards creating content based on the game, thereby milking its astounding popularity. This video from "Nomad Union" is an offspring of that trend.

The video's blooper edition is also available for those who would like to see its making.