GTA 5: Online Heists Coming in Spring Confirms Rockstar

For those of you who enjoy wrecking havoc with a fighter jet or armoured tank in GTA 5, this new video below should teach you how to procure one of those at a minimal cost. Watch it below to learn the trick.

The video goes on to explain that by simply silencing the police for a short duration of time, players can get these advanced weapons, which are otherwise quite hard to procure.

Players will have to make their way into the army base, call Lester and then switch on "Turn Cops on for 3 minutes". This feature will cost players five hours, but it is worth the money, since it allows them to procure things that are rather difficult to come legally.

If executed properly, players will have the entire military base to themselves, meaning that they can explore and pick up vehicles that they they require. In the above video, the players picks up an air craft from the base.

Jock Cranley Murder Mystery

In other news, a new video now talks about the game's Jock Cranley murder mystery. It happens to be a single player mission and can be accessed by players if they go into the story mode between 11pm to midnight, players will see a ghost pop up beyond a rock with the word "Jock" written on it with blood.

For more information on that mystery, watch the video below.