GTA 5: New Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs Revealed [VIDEOS]
GTA 5: New Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs Revealed [VIDEOS]

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) holds several hidden secrets and Easter eggs that stand as the hallmark for the game's expansive open-world, not to mention the gamers' curiosity in exploring every nook corner of the game world.

Rockstar Games seems to have found innovative ways of hiding the game's innate secret references ranging from real-world movies & TV shows to other video game titles. There are a handful of Easter eggs to be explored (such as references to the supernatural and mythical creatures) around the uncharted territories in Los Santos and Blaine County.

IBTimes UK brings you the top hidden secrets and Easter eggs that you need to check out in GTA 5 (some are part of mission-based exploration, while others are off campaign activities):

Frozen Creek Alien

Find a frozen creek underneath the train bridge, where the gang passes in the SUV during the mission Prologue. This creek holds an alien frozen under the ice.

Big Orange

Look out for a juice stand in Vinewood Hills that hooks to a big orange ball at the top. Just shoot it or dash into it to detach the ball and send it rolling down the hill. Tip: Find more "Big Orange" juice stands to the northwest corner of East Joshua Road, Route 13 (Senora Freeway) in Grapeseed and the San Chianski Mountain Range.

Mount Gordo Ghost

If you tread anywhere near the eastern peak of Mount Gordo between 23:00 and 0:00 hours, you might encounter a female ghost standing on the rock where the word "JOCK" is written in blood. Fear not, the ghost doesn't budge from its place or take damage to your melee weapons or guns. Tip: The Ghost should disappear in thin air when you get too close and the bloody writing on the rock will vanish too. The ghost is none other than Jock Cranley's wife, who is apparently murdered by him.

In-game Middle Finger

While using the in-game computer, the mouse cursor shows its middle finger pointing up, instead of its index finger. That is quite an unusual trick, despite the game being rated 18+.

Bigfoot - Predator Mission

The Predator mission brings you face to face with the mythical beast, the Bigfoot. Tip: Play this mission as Michael using a sniper rifle equipped with a thermal scope to track O'Neil Brothers in the woods at night. Just zoom in on the thermal heat dot on the bottom right and the Bigfoot should appear standing still. The creature cannot be shot and it should disappear after some time.

Secret Dial-up Number

Dial 948-555-0100 on your in-game phone to get the dial up internet ringtone. If you recall, this is the same number you use for calling ZiT in GTA 4. You will hear the same sound whenever you dial any cheat codes from GTA 4 and Episodes from Liberty City.


Spot several UFOs in the sky after 100% game completion in single-player mode. Tip: One sunken flying saucer may also be found off the northern coast of Paleto bay, underwater with sea plants growing on it.

Crashed US Air Jet

Discover a crashed US Air jet to the north-east from the peninsula in Paleto Forest. Tip: The plane is located on the seabed, which is close to the parachute jump activity. You need to unlock access to Submarine to make things easier.

GTA 5 Collector's Edition Secret Map

Find various markings, map legends for treasures, secrets and hidden messages on the Collector's Edition of GTA 5 in-game map for Los Santos. Tip: Use a black light/ UV light on the back of the map to reveal UFO hints and more.

NPC Trick

If the player follows an NPC player (Michael, Trevor or Franklin) who is not participating in any of the events for too long, then the NPC will turn around and knock the player out.

Discover Lost Hatch from TV Series

Use the unlocked Submarine to find the famous "Hatch" from the TV series: Lost, which is located to the far-east near the coast of San Chianski Mountain Range. Tip: The Hatch cannot be approached either by water or road, as the protagonist (any of the three) will get killed. Just try the aerial route with a plane or do a helicopter fly-by.

Secrets Hidden in Franklin's House

Franklin's Safehouse houses a blueprint of the beta map on a wall.

Visit Franklin's house in Chamberlain Hills to find the graffiti reading "Welcome Back - We missed you last time," a warm welcome to players from GTA: San Andreas.

Reference to GTA: San Andreas

A reference to San Andreas is found in the story mission Hood Safari that revisits Grove Street, the home for protagonist CJ and his good old friends - Bigsmoke and Sweet.

There is another reference to the GTA: San Andreas mission "Wrong Side of the Tracks" (where CJ needs to follow a train), during the mission "Derailed" in GTA 5.

Reference to Max Payne 3

Buy the Hawaiian shirt from Sub Urban, which is identical to what Max Payne wears in Max Payne 3.

Reference to Red Dead Redemption

GTA Online character creation menu enables you to choose John Marston from Red Dead Redemption (RDR) as your father. RDR is Rockstar San Diego's creation, who also developed the new RAGE engine.

Revisit Dead Island via Rehab Island TV Show

Find the reference to Dead Island through several billboards scattered around the game for the TV show "Rehab Island". Tip: The logo in the middle looks same as that of Dead Island.

Mysterious Serial Killer

Revisit the mysterious serial killer with number 8 inscribed on a few rocks across the desert in Sandy Shores. The inscription refers to Freddy Krueger's poem, which may be reportedly written by a serial killer or rapist in the game (Merle Abrahams is among key contenders). The inscription on the rocks read: "One is done, Two was fun, Three tried to run, Four called mom, Five's not alive, Six is nix, Seven's in heaven, 8 won't wait."

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