The honeymoon phase is reportedly over for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, with friends fearing they could be heading for a divorce because of their constant arguments.

The couple, who wed on July 3, 2021, has allegedly been experiencing marriage struggles which showed during their recent public outing at NASCAR's Busch Light Clash at the L.A. Coliseum on Feb. 5. One eyewitness claimed that they looked "miserable" and that "things just seemed really tense."

Life & Style magazine in its Feb. 27 issue cited another insider who noted the difference in how Stefani and Shelton act towards each other now that they are married compared to when they were still dating. The source said, "When they started dating, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. But the spark started disappearing after their wedding."

They reportedly "argue constantly now" which would end with them sleeping in "separate bedrooms after particularly bad fights." Their friends are said to be worried that "they are falling out of love."

The insider added that it does not help that they are both judges on "The Voice." They reportedly play it nice and sweet for the cameras, "but behind the scenes, there was sometimes a clash of egos. He would often get all the attention and that would hit a nerve" and make Stefani jealous.

The stress behind the scenes of the show has allegedly changed Shelton. Before they married, he was "Prince Charming" who swept Stefani off her feet, bought her flowers, and took her on dreamy vacations. But all those romantic gestures have "been fizzling out and date nights have been sparse."

Despite all the issues, the country crooner is not giving up on their marriage. The source claimed that he has agreed to go to therapy for couples counselling after Stefani begged him to go even though "he's never really been a therapy kind of guy." They had their "emotional" first session where Stefani "broke down" and her reaction was "the wake-up call Blake needed."

The source claimed that Shelton is leaving "The Voice" so he could focus on his marriage to Stefani. But reports of marriage troubles between the couple contradict their social media posts, in which they showcase their love for each other. They were recently seen celebrating Valentine's Day together.

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