Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow has teamed up with fashion icon Stella McCartney to launch a new clothing line.

The long-time friends have fused their passion for fashion to create the capsule collection for Paltrow's lifestyle site, Goop.

The line consists of timeless McCartney designs such as a black blazer, a charcoal knit jumpsuit, black jeans and black wool trousers. It also features the Beckett handbag - named after her youngest son - in black, grey and white.

Paltrow told fashion website WWD that the partnership was a match made in heaven because "we complement each other".

"It was the right time. We're very close friends. We were bringing two worlds together and it was important not to force them," she said.

The Iron Man star continued: "I think of myself as a woman who is a lover of beautiful things. I'm very specific about my taste. The role I want in a partnership is curating a collection as opposed to taking a designer point of view.

"I can tweak a blazer and make it the perfect blazer. It's being able to fulfill what my ideal things ought to be."

Prices start at $795 (£510) and items will be available in the US arm of the site from 12 September.

McCartney said: "I have quite a lot of admiration for her at so many levels and that's a big part of how I design.

"In order to create pieces that are effortless, it's very considered. Gwyneth was a huge part of that. This is a big reflection of her life.

"These designs are not going to blow anyone away. They are staple pieces."

Paltrow has worked with designers including Cynthia Rowley, Rag & Bone, Warby Parker and Alexandra von Furstenberg to create limited-edition pieces since launching the e-commerce arm of her web venture.