After its early access debut in December 2018, "Hades" finally launched for PC, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch on Sept. 17. The game is developed by Supergiant Games – a studio renowned for their work on award-winning titles such as "Pyre," "Bastion," and "Transistor." Shortly after its release, players soon noticed a game-breaking bug that affected the save data. So far, it appears to be isolated to the console version only. Thankfully, a new patch is now available that reportedly fixes the problem.

The issue was described in detail on Reddit by a user named u/ForChrom. The post was labelled as "Hades Switch Crash" and read: Hi so Im playing Hades on my Switch, lovely(sic) amazing game, One of my faves if all time, thank you super giant. However the game has been suddenly crashing today. Okay so I opened up the game and proceeded to use the mirror and after several attempts of trying different upgrades, when exiting the mirror the game would crash. So I proceeded to play and when entering the Elysium, right before the area(sic) loaded the game crashed again."

Supergiant Games has been known to regularly interact with their fans and the gaming community. As such, a representative promptly informed the user that a patch was ready and just needed approval before it was distributed. Based on their communication, this is a rare glitch that happened when players interacted with the Mirror which is an in-game element where talents (skills) can be purchased to improve their character.

The developers also cautioned users, not to delete their save files unless they want to start over. Those who boot up the game will be notified that an update is available. However, given the Nintendo Switch can suspend gameplay, players are instructed to exit to the home screen, highlight the "Hades" icon, press the "+" button, and select "Software Update> Via the Internet."

Hades on Nintendo Switch patched
The issue was described in detail on Reddit by a user named u/ForChrom and the post was labelled as "Hades Switch Crash" Photo: Supergiant Games

Originally, Supergiant Games intended to include a cross-save functionality for the Nintendo Switch port of "Hades." This would allow people who have already progressed throughout the early access version of the roguelike action RPG to carry over their progress to the hybrid console upon launch. Unfortunately, there were some problems encountered during its development which led to it being delayed in order to release all versions of the game on the same date.