Hailey Baldwin is reportedly shocked after hearing Selena Gomez's new song Feel Me, which allegedly is about her ex-flame Justin Bieber. The 19-year-old model "wants answers" from the All That Matters singer as to what is happening between him and his other ex-flame.

Baldwin and Bieber, who split earlier this year, were spotted at the Met Gala on 2 May. The two were later spotted at the Game nightclub.

"Hailey heard Selena's new song, which sounds like it could be about Justin, and it has left her confused," a source told HollywoodLife. "She wants answers about what is going on between Selena and Justin. Hailey doesn't understand what Selena is trying to accomplish with that song."

The Hands To Myself singer revealed her new song at her Revival tour in Los Angeles on 6 May. A source previously told the gossip site that the song was "meant to bring closure on him [Justin Bieber]" but has instead brought Gomez all the good memories she shared with the 22-year-old. The duo dated from 2010 until 2014 before they when their separate ways.

The site also reported that the song was inspired from Bieber, who was the first person for whom the songstress performed the song.

"Selena took inspiration from her romance with Justin, and when she wrote 'Feel Me' she hoped that it would give her some sort of closure from him," a source previously told the site. "However, it's really had the opposite effect because she's also remembering all the amazing times they had together and revisiting the connection they had and still have."

The lyrics of the song begins with: "No one loves you like I love you / I never cheated, never lied / I never put no one above you / I gave you space and time / And now you're telling me you miss me / And I'm still on your mind / We were one in a million / Our love is hard to find." The lyrics continue: "Every time your lips touch another/ I want you to feel me/ I want you to feel me/ Every time you dance with somebody/ I want you to feel me/ I want you to feel me/ Do your days get a little bit lonely?"

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