Half Life 3

Even though Valve, the company behind the famous Half Life franchise, has remained rather silent about Half Life 3, fans of the series have been rolling out thousands of wish lists and suggestions for the game.

Here are some of the most exciting ones from social networks so far.

Environments, Interactive Objects and At Least One vehicle - theviewfrom5Terre

"Environments that vary as widely as they did in HL2. You had the city, ruined city, shoreline/road, horrific city, and futuristic citadel, among others.

At least one vehicle. The jeep and jalopy were fun, the airboat was even better because of all the jumps and wall-driving you could do.

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Interactive cut-scenes. In HL2 you can move or at least look around during cut scenes. It's weird to play different games where cut-scenes are more like little movies.

Interactive environment. It was disappointing wandering through offices in Portal 2 and not being able to pick up or play with anything."

HL1 and HL2 Just a Dream - kingxelas

"HL3: Gordon wakes up of the dream he had (events of HL1 and 2)"

Inclusion of Portal Gun - Omezak

"I agree with numerous people in here saying that the game needs to be released soon, possibly before i reach old age. I would also like a Portal gun to be somehow included either via an unlockable or somehow within the storyline. Would be so much fun"

Blurry Vision - theviewfrom5Terre

"One of its proposed attacks was to pound the ground and knock the player's weapon out of his hand. It was even suggested that Gordon's glasses fly off and leave the player stuck in combat with blurry vision"

Answers About G-man - sender457

"We don't know anything about the G-man other than the fact that he has an unexplained interest in Gordon. He's saved Gordon's life on multiple occasions before putting him back into a tight spot yet again. Why does he oppose the Combine? What are his true intentions? Its about time that we learned more about him"

Signature Surprises - Radeonmage221

"Halflife 2 did a great job of surpising players with new and deadlies situations at every turn and corner. Hopefull, HL3 will do that as well. "

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