Halle Berry is never shy about experimenting with her look, and the actress is now sporting a style that women half her age usually prefer to try these days.

The Oscar-winner took to social media to flaunt her new trendy hairstyle and also revealed her thought process behind it.

You'll never influence the world by being just like it.

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The 51-year-old actress is seen staring at the camera while rocking her luscious black locks, with pink and blonde extensions falling in front of her face. She also appears to be wearing a Kimono.

"You'll never influence the world by being just like it," she wrote alongside the snap she shared with her 1.8 million fans on Instagram.

The post has already garnered more than 88,000 likes, with many of Berry fans agreeing to the actress' words of wisdom.

"That's so true.... be true to yourself and the world will confirm and change around you. In other words, stay you........ smiles," a fan commented.

Another fan added, "You Are So Right, a lot of influential individuals need to practice this, be yourself respect yourself."

"When I saw you for the first time, I noticed your bright appearance, but then I got to know your beautiful soul, and I understood that you are the most beautiful woman," said another.

Berry has also been showered with praise for her new look, with an admirer gushing, "ABSOLUTELY Stunning at 51 years old!!! Keep doing it Mami... you're BEAUTIFUL."

The actress has always been an inspiration to her fans for the way she has maintained her gorgeous figure. "No matter what, every day, I exercise for at least 30 minutes," Berry had said previously.

Earlier, Berry's trainer Nat Bardonnet had revealed, "The way I push Halle, not many people would be able to last.

"She always has great energy and a great smile. Whatever curveball I throw at her, she can take."