Halo 4 Playlist Update Paintball

Last week, it was announced that hundreds of video games, including titles from giants like EA and Ubisoft, would be rendered as offline as rocks owing to the fact that Gamespy would be shutting down its servers from 31 May.

Owing to this, fans of Halo: Combat Evolved, have started a petition to convince Microsoft to somehow add the game to "Steam marketplace and server lists", so that the games will continue to offer a rich online experience.

"The community for Halo Full Version and Custom Edition is still alive and it would only increase if it were to be added to the Steam marketplace and server lists", said the petition's description.

"Gamespy is shutting down their servers so Halo needs to be saved! There is roughly 10k~ unique players that still play the game online and a percentage of that 10k~ still play competitively. Any form of support is welcomed!"

Currently the petition has garnered over 3,500 signatures. However, since game companies rarely respond or react to online peititons, it looks like they won't respond or react in this case.

What is GameSpy?

It happens to be a third party technology that is used by publishers to host online services of games such as multiplayer mode. When the servers do go down, gamers won't be able to use GameSpy servers to host and play games. To have a look at the full list of affected games, click here.

Why The Shutdown?

Usually companies take down servers suporting online services for old and forgotten games since it isn't really financially viable. Also worth noting is that these games usually have just a few thousand players, since most of the fans have already moved on to newer and more modern games.


The petition has now managed to garner 13,849 supporters at the time of writing of this update. The numbers are surging and it remains to be seen if Valve will react to this post.