cody-Anne Jackson
Cody-Anne Jackson killed two-year old Macey Hogan before trying to take her own life, a court heard. Staffordshire Police

Harrowing audio of a mother's 999 call made just after she had killed her two-year-old daughter has been released. The clip features Cody Ann-Jackson, who was jailed for life on Thursday 27 July.

The 20-year-old admitted to killing her daughter Macey Hogan at her home in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, in October 2016.

Prior to the killing, the troubled mother sent the child's father a photo of Macey along with a message reading: "Sorry, just thought you deserved one last picture and memory of her."

She then penned a suicide note, claiming: "There's nothing for me or Macey, life's s**t."

Doctor's believe Macey most likely died from smothering. Jackson then wounded herself with two kitchen knives and tried to overdose on migraine tablets.

The jury heard that Jackson waited 30 minutes before making the 999 call. She originally claimed that Macey had died in n accident as the two slept together but dramatically changed her plea to guilty midway through the trial at Stafford Crown Court.

She will serve at least 16 years behind bars. Audio footage of the 999 call has been released by West Midlands Police to the Stoke Sentinel. A full transcript of the call reads:


Jackson: Can I have an ambulance please?

Call handler: Are you the patient?

Jackson: No, my daughter is, she's not breathing.

Call handler: She's not breathing?

Jackson: No

Call handler: She's not breathing at all?

Jackson (tearful): No

Call handler: What's the address of the emergency please?


Call handler: And how old is your daughter?

Jackson: She's two

Call handler: Two years old?

Jackson: Yes

Call handler: And she's not breathing at all?

Jackson: No

Call handler: Ok, you need to stay on the telephone with me and listen very carefully. I'm going to tell you what to do to help, ok? I need you to lie her flat on her back on the floor, can you do that for me now?

Jackson: I have [Indecipherable] I can't

Call handler: You need to put her onto the floor for me ok? I'm going to tell you once again

Jackson: I can't move. Every time I move it hurts.

Call handler: Pardon?

Jackson: Every time I move it hurts

Call handler: Right, but we need to help your daughter if she's not breathing.

(Jackson sobs)

Call handler: You need to lie her flat on her back on the floor for me please

(Jackson continues to sob)