Eldo Kim Harvard bomb hoaxer
Eldo Kim Harvard bomb hoaxer .

A Harvard University student is set to appear in court accused of false bomb accusations in a bid to avoid taking a finals exam.

Four buildings were evacuated and searched at the university in Cambridge, Massachusetts after reports that explosives were planted around the prestigious campus.

However, police searched the premises to find no devices, leading to suspicions that the scare was a hoax due to it being 'Finals' week at the university.

Eldo Kim, 20, sent emails to local police, two Harvard officials and the president of the Harvard Crimson newspaper claiming the devices had been placed around the four campus buildings.

The psychology student used the subject line "Bombs placed around campus".

Kim wrote that the shrapnel bombs would detonate soon in two of the four premises, one of which was due to hold the exam he was sitting that very morning.

In a statement, Harvard said that it was "saddened" by the allegations against Kim but would make no further comment on the criminal investigation.

According to reports, Kim had accessed TOR, an internet product that gives users an anonymous Internet protocol (IP) address, to send the emails.

An FBI statement said that Kim acted alone and had sent the messages randomly.

The maximum penalty for a bomb hoax in the United State is a five-year prison sentence and a US$250,000 fine.