Not all of us can afford to get hold of work designed by one of the world's most famous haute couture fashion designers, but - listen up all you European fashionistas - next week you will!

Mind you, it'll be in the form of a bottle of Coke or Diet Coke. Not necessarily the sharp suit or exquisite handbag you've dreamt of really, was it? And here he is - the man who's responsible for zhuzhing up this iconic drink - none other than the L'Enfant Terrible de la Mode himself, French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Pretending to be a woman.

His creations were unveiled to great fanfare at an uber-glamorous ceremony and after-party in Paris. It was a fanfare event where the press and 600 or so European celebrities vied for Gaultier's attentions. Looks like actress and all-round party girl Gemma Arterton pipped most of them to the post.

In what's arguably one of the most bizarre brand collaborations in years, Gaultier's been handed the title of Creative Director for Diet Coke. So what's he done with it?

Jean Paul Gaultier:

So when it arrived the proposition after I saw the bottle and I said 'But it's the curves of a woman, so it's like a lady so I will dress her, I will dress the bottle is what I want to say. So I wanted to dress her but in Gaultier way, mixing always with that Coca-Cola logo.

The collection's called 'Night and Day' and if you really, really want a slice of fizzy pop history, then Gaultier's curious designs will be available across Europe next week.