iOS 7.1.2

It now appears that a number of people, who have updated their devices to Apple's latest iOS 7.1.2, are facing issues with Wi-Fi connection.

Users have reported that the Wi-Fi connection issue shows up not only for a particular network, but also for all connections they are having. The issue is said to happen once the device is updated to iOS 7.1.2.

There are a few workarounds available for this. If you are facing such Wi-Fi connection issue, try out the following fixes.

Method-1: Rejoin the network again

  • Open Settings app on your iOS 7.1.2 running iPhone/iPad
  • Click on Wi-Fi
  • Click on the info button, which is beside the network you are having issue with
  • Click on Forgot this Network
  • Rejoin the network again

If rejoining the network did not not help, then try the next trick.

Method-2: Reset network settings

  • Navigate to the Settings app
  • From there tap on General
  • Tap on Reset
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings
  • Reboot your iPhone/iPad
  • When the device boots up successfully, try to connect to the problem network again

For some users, changing the Wi-Fi router have reportedly solved the problem.

Method-3: Change Wi-Fi settings in router

  • Navigate to the control panel of your router
  • Change the network type to WPA Personal or Mixed WPA2/WPA-PSK
  • Save the changes then reboot the router
  • Now try to connect to the network on your iPhone/iPad

Method-4: Restore your iOS 7.1.2 device

If nothing works out, then try to restore your iOS device using iTunes. Then set the Wi-Fi. Hopefully, the methods described above will help to fix your Wi-Fi problem.

[Source: iMore]