At a time when the world is becoming increasingly health conscious, there is a restaurant in one of the most happening cities in the US, which claims to spread awareness about the obesity epidemic by selling super-fat foods.

The Heart Attack Grill, a fat-shaming restaurant which sells unhealthy foods, was the first one to get featured in Showtime's new documentary series, 7 Deadly Sins.

The Las Vegas restaurant has been connected with the deaths of two of its employees -- Blair River died of obesity related issues while John Alleman died of a heart attack.

However, the owner of the controversial, yet successful, eatery, Doctor Jon Basso, appears to have no regrets over the deaths.

"It's a sacrifice that has to be made," Basso said in the Showtime documentary.

"Somebody has gotta stand here and say, 'Screw it. Wake up, world. You're fat.' No, I'm not going to call you plus-size. I'm not gonna say you're portly. No, you're fat. Lose some weight, or just hurry up and die and be done with it."

The medically-themed restaurant has the owner as the self-proclaimed doctor and scantily clothed women as nurses to serve the customers (patients).

Dr Jon's menu is also weirdly named after various heart ailments and includes a four-stacked Quadruple Bypass Burger, with chilli and 20 bacon slice toppings, containing a whopping 10,000 calories along with a 'Butter Fat Shakes', Yahoo News reported.

For obese people who weigh more than 350 pounds, the restaurant rewards them with a free meal.

"We have a huge electronic cattle scale in the middle of the restaurant. And if you weigh over 350 lbs., you eat absolutely free. They get on that scale, they give a big muscle shot, but then they go home and they go, 'Wow, I'm gonna die. I'm a fat freak, and that's why everyone was applauding for me," Basso said in the documentary.

Though the owner of the infamous restaurant claims he is raising awareness about the fatal outcome of obesity, his sinful menu speaks something else.

Morgan Spurlock's 7 Deadly Sins focuses on the outrageous modern day interpretation of the seven deadly sins.