Henry Cavill is not done yet portraying the role of Superman and he has even pitched his ideas to star in future DC films.

Sources for The Cultured Nerd revealed that "The Witcher" star has inked a new "Superman" deal for not just one but three movies. The actor made a pitch for a new arc that was "widely praised and has led to the official confirmation of his new contract for more appearances as Superman."

The three films are just for Cavill's pitch alone. He is expected to appear as the Man of Steel in future films in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). These would be cameos that would run for a total of five or six movies.

There are no further details about the actor's new deal. It is not known whether these three films will be solo outings or appearances in other DCEU movies. "Shazam!" hinted at Superman's cameo in the sequel when the superhero appeared at the end of the film, albeit the scene did not show the actor behind the costume.

There have also been rumours that Cavill will reprise Superman in "Aquaman 2" and in "Black Adam." The latter appearance is something that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hopes to happen. "The Hobbs & Shaw" star, who will play the titular character, has since pitched a fight scene between the two characters in "Black Adam."

Warner Bros. and Cavill himself have yet to confirm the news of his new "Superman" deal. But the intel came from the same people who reported that Ben Affleck will reprise Batman. This was later confirmed through an announcement that he will return as the Dark Knight in Ezra Miller's "The Flash."

The "Batman v Superman" star had made it known on several occasions that he still wants to reprise his role. He said last year that "the cape is in the closet" and that it is still his. Cavill said that he has not "given up on the role because there is still "a lot of storytelling to do" and that he still wants his portrayal of the character "to reflect the comic books."

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill joins star-studded cast of Justice League as Superman Man of Steel/WB