Prince Harry reportedly chose not to publicly interact or face Prince Charles and Prince William at the Platinum Jubilee out of worry over how they would react to his upcoming memoir.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined the royal family for a Thanksgiving service at St. Paul's Cathedral on June 3. They were seated at the opposite end of the venue, far away from the senior royals. They did not even mingle with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and with the Prince of Wales and Camilla.

There was believed to be an awkward tension among the family members inside the cathedral as none of them acknowledged each other's presence. Discussing the Platinum Jubilee celebrations on the Daily Mail's "Palace Confidential" podcast, host Jo Elvin asked royal expert Richard Eden what Prince Harry could have done at that point to "bridge the gap" in his alleged feud with his family.

He replied, "There's a lot Harry could do but I really do think he is keeping his family at a distance until his book is published."

Eden thinks that the Duke of Sussex is "going to be saying some things which are unpleasant and will go down badly with Prince Charles and Prince William and he almost can't face them."

"I think that partly explains the awkward situation we had during the Jubilee and why they didn't want to spend time with each other," he added.

Other royal experts have noticed that Prince Harry tried to get his brother's attention during the service. He reportedly tried to catch his eye but to no avail. Prince William did not even look at where he and Meghan Markle were seated.

Speaking of the seating arrangement at the Thanksgiving Service, royal correspondent and author Victoria Murphy said that "it's hard not to look at it as a sign, if not the distance between the brothers."

She said that Prince William and Prince Harry had the opportunity to show unity during the Platinum Jubilee. But their distance from each other at the service "is quite telling that clearly" they "did not consciously at any point make an effort to be seen side by side to be seen in the same frame."

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