Hideo Kojima's latest masterpiece after his troubled exit from Konami's offices is being bombarded with post-launch reviews. While most of the feedback is generally favourable, there are some that point out its shortcomings. Nevertheless, the "Death Stranding" game director appears to be in good spirits after learning about how players enjoyed the odd, but unique gameplay. On the other hand, he reportedly shared his opinion as to why gamers in the U.S. reacted differently from those in Europe and Japan.

This comes from Kojima's interview with TGCom24, an Italian gaming publication, wherein he voiced his thoughts about some of the reviews. According to IGN, his response was roughly translated to suggest that American players generally favour games in the first-person shooter genre. Moreover, it was supposedly taken out of context, which is implying that his game is a superior alternative. Nevertheless, fans believe it to be a mistranslation, which seems likely.

The man behind Metal Gear and other Konami hits was apparently comparing how audiences in his home country of Japan, as well as Europe, found "Death Stranding" outstanding. Thankfully, a Sony representative provided an appropriate translation of Kojima's statement. "In America, there are a lot of FPS fans, maybe those fans are saying this is like a different game and are not rating it very high," said the game director.

Hence, this shows it was never indicated at any point that the new action-adventure title is greater than first-person shooters. So far, the gameplay mechanic is evidently unlike anything else available right now. While most online games promote competition between players, Kojima's new game encourages the opposite. The protagonist is tasked with reconnecting the fractured society and this extends to people playing the game.

In one of his interviews, Kojima pointed out that the majority of online games promote negative interactions. Players are often causing problems for other gamers and do not leave a good impression. Meanwhile, his game approaches things uniquely by rewarding players for helping out. As long as users remain online, in-game items left by others can aid in progress to benefit everyone. "Death Stranding" is currently available for the PS4 with a PC version slated for a 2020 release.

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Kojima claims there are several unsolved mysteries regarding his independent studio's skull logo. Kojima Productions