The amazing new nature show Spy in the Wild returns on BBC One in the UK tonight (19 January 2017) for a second episode. And this time, it focuses on the fascinating creatures that are orangutans.

Undercover cameras are hidden inside hilariously realistic animatronic dummies of creatures that bring us closer to animals than pretty much any other nature series – despite the incomparable epicness of Planet Earth II.

The people of Borneo live in fairly close proximity to the local orangutans, which means that in tonight's episode we learn that the ginger apes have, er, 'aped' us humans.

The flame-haired creatures have been watching humans so closely that they have begun picking up some uncanny domestic films.

The show's fake bush baby also discovers the extent to which chimpanzees also copy us – with problem-solving and tool-making.

One part of the incredible new footage shows a female orangutan using a saw to skilfully divide a branch in two after witnessing local builders at work doing the same. Fascinatingly, she blows away the sawdust to inspect her work like a pro craftsman.

When she spots the fake orangutan doing the same, she she immediately becomes more competitive. Rather than being put off by the potential competitor, the female continues to furiously saw in order to beat her rival.

A programme spokesperson said: "No one suspected that any fully wild orangutan knew the technique, but this one suddenly picked up a saw and used it. 'Spy Orangutan' had been programmed to saw, too, and when the real orangutan spotted her sawing, it seemed to spur her on."

Elsewhere in the programme, we'll see sea otters finding food and squirrels defending it, along with a battle for the next meal between a drongo and a gang of meerkats.

In line with the show's airing, one of the dummy orangutans from the show paid a visit to BBC Breakfast this morning:

Tune in to Spy in the Wild at 8pm GMT on BBC One tonight (19 January 2017) and on iPlayer for another 30 days after broadcast.