US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has shared a video of GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump's most controversial comments 'to refresh your memory'. The video, shared on Clinton's campaign website in a post entitled '4 things you can do right now to help stop Donald Trump from becoming president', is a mash-up of all the comments Trump has been most criticised for on subjects including immigration, abortion, torture and nuclear weapons.

Following the Republicans acknowledging Trump as the presumptive nominee, both he and Democrat frontrunner Clinton have exchanged insults, the most recent from Trump blaming Clinton for husband and former president Bill Clinton's affair.

Clinton, for her part, has hit back with the post on her website, which told voters: "If you're worried about a Trump presidency, now's the time to get to work", issuing a four-point plan to stop the GOP candidate – including this video reminder of all his gaffes.

The post on Clinton's website read: "Within days of becoming his party's presumptive nominee, Trump has doubled down on the hateful rhetoric and bigoted policy proposals that have fuelled his campaign during the primary.

"He's made it clear he won't back away from his pledge to ban Muslims from entering the United States, that he'll create a deportation force to round up 11 million people, and—in his first days in office—would repeal President Obama's executive actions that keep immigrant families together and finalise a design for his border wall."

Clinton is currently 13 points ahead of Trump nationally in head-to-head polls, but did fall behind him in one Rasmussen survey that put Trump ahead if voters lost the option to choose neither candidate.

Although Clinton has not yet officially won the Democrat nomination, she has 2,228 delegates to rival Bernie Sanders' 1,415 delegates, and is widely expected to be the party's candidate, likely running against Trump at the 8 November presidential election.