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The "Hogwarts Legacy" release date is just around the corner, and Harry Potter fans are no doubt excited about what kind of magical activities from the books, aside from studying in Hogwarts, they will be able to replicate in the game. One such activity that might have crossed their minds is whether or not the upcoming RPG title will allow them to become an Animagus.

Animagus in Harry Potter

In the Harry Potter series, which is also the basis for the "Hogwarts Legacy," an Animagus is a witch or wizard who can transform themselves into an animal at will. Unlike the hereditary skill of a Metamorphmagus, Animagus transformation is a learned skill.

Notable Animagi (plural) shown in the film series include Minerva McGonagall who transforms into a silver tabby cat, Sirius Black who transforms into a black dog, and Peter Pettigrew who transforms into the grey rat called Scabbers, Ron's pet.

No confirmation or denial from Avalanche Software

What's interesting is that developer Avalanche Software has not confirmed nor denied Animagus being a potential feature in "Hogwarts Legacy." However, a publication speculated that players morphing into animal form is unlikely to be included in the upcoming game.

Why 'Hogwarts Legacy' won't likely allow players to morph

According to ScreenRant, students are unlikely to become Animagus in the game. "Harry Potter canon depicts the process of becoming one as strange and lengthy," the publication explained.

The lengthy ritual involves the use of Mandrake leaf, which is held inside a wizard's mouth for an entire lunar cycle, then using the leaf to brew the Animagus potion, which must be consumed only during the next thunderstorm. Then, they need to mutter a specific incantation daily.

"From a development perspective, having multiple students who can suddenly turn into a creature of their choice would be tricky to implement and keep interesting and varied across the entire game," the publication added.