Homeland season 7
Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland season 6 Showtime

There is no Peter Quinn and Carrie Mathison romance to root for in Homeland season 7 as Rupert Friend's character died heroically, taking bullets for Carrie and President of United States, in season 6 finale titled, America First.

In an interview with TV Line, Friend opened up on whether Quinn really is dead, and also spoke about doomed Carrie-Quinn romance. When asked if Quinn is no more, the actor replied, "I would love to hear the zombie pitch [for Season 7]. Unless the show is joining up with The Walking Dead, I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen."

Fans of the show have longed for Carrie and Quinn to become romantically involved, and are obviously disappointed with the twist of events. The Hitman: Agent 47 actor empathises with the fans and told the outlet, "I totally empathize and understand fans' disappointment, because I know how beloved these two characters are and how the idea of them together makes so many people happy."

Sharing more details about Carrie and Quinn's ill-fated romance, the 35-year-old explained, "But their respective moralities were explored thoroughly in the last two seasons, and Quinn's dissatisfaction with his own way of life suggested that he was in a position to question his own moral code."

Revealing that Quinn's moral code is not compatible with Carrie's the actor said: "Whereas there was a very telling moment in the penultimate episode this season where Quinn confronts Carrie with the reality, which is she woke a man up from a coma, risked his life to serve her own end – and doesn't really see why that's bad. And, to me, that suggests a lack of accountability and self-examination, which means that Carrie's moral code is just not compatible with Quinn's. As I said before, I wanted him to find someone he could ultimately trust, and I don't think you can trust someone who would do that to you."