Homer Simpson glue
Homer certainly seems impressed by the glue's likeness eBay/Fox

A piece of dried glue that looks like the head of Homer Simpson has sold on eBay for £152,200 having taken the auction site by storm, amassing 85 bids.

The piece of glue, which measures just one centimetre in length, is claimed to have been "created naturally" from a tube of all-purpose glue, which is also for sale and at £100 at the time of publication.

Christopher Herbert, who sold the glue, states that it is "a true to life likeness of Homer Simpson's head made naturally by an overflowing tube of Uhu glue...it is very small - about a centimetre from the bottom of his neck to the top of his head but it does have Homer's trademark bald head, big eyes and grinning mouth."

In answer to questions and offers, Herbert said: "As this auction reaches its inevitable climax, I have just been offered £250,000 and £500,000. Well, that's just silly. Sensible bids only please."

Herbert latter added: "Just had the offer of my life, which involved a car, some blue cheese, a subscription to Netflix, a portable typewriter, a saucy picture of his neighbour and a radio that has starred in a Hollywood film. Unfortunately, the bidder opened the cheese to check he hadn't opened it, thus invalidating the bid. PS Is this really happening?"

It remains to be seen if the winning bidder will pay the seemingly extortionate price for the piece of glue, but those looking for a cheaper alternative may be in luck, as a dried glue lookalike of Marge Simpson is also for sale.

Offered by a different seller, the Marge dried glue lookalike will be listed until 5 February and is currently selling for £21, a relative bargain compared to her £152,200 husband Homer.

Further to the eBay madness, one seller listed a crisp which he claims resembles Quagmire from the cartoon Family Guy, but after reaching £150,000 the item was removed by eBay.

The seller, Dom Stapleton, contacted the International Business Times UK to say the crisp was taken down because he had not verified his identity and address.

"Once my account has been reactivated, I'll be putting the crisp up for auction again with a substantial percentage of the takings being donated to charity."

Although we're struggling to see the resemblance of Quagmire in the sweet chilli crisp, the charity aspect could see bidding take off.