Four months of training and dieting was the price paid by 18 contenders at Hong Kong's 7th Hedge Fund Fight Nite for just six minutes in the ring.

The city's bankers and financiers slugged it out during eight bouts of intense fighting.

After being a reserve for last year's event, Sam 'Danger Zone' Biggins of Colliers International said he was emboldened to try again after watching a Rocky movie.

The gruelling training schedule and self-imposed alcohol ban was worth it when he beat Jimmy 'The Fearless' Page from Michael Page in bout four.

"Well it was always a goal of mine to have a competitive bout. You know one of those things that you put on your bucket list. But having said that I definitely think I'll continue training of some sort. I've come this far now it would be sad to revert back to unhealthy ways," said Biggins.

The only two women fighters were Devi 'The Devastator' Kumar, from Charterhouse Partnership and Eleni "Hummingbird" Himaras from Bloomberg.

But Himaras left 'The Devastator' devastated, comfortably winning the bout.

"Four months, and I gave up all semblances of a social life. But they still seem to like me, they came back out after not having seen most of them for about four months. Two-a-day workouts, really intense training but it was so worth it and so much fun. And anybody who's thinking about doing it, top five things I've ever done in my life. So recommend it," said Himaras, who had never boxed previously.

Another newcomer to the sport was Jorge 'El Toro' Marrero, who at 47, was the oldest contender.

Despite losing the bout against his opponent, Richie 'Ricardo' Gifford of HSBC, Marrero provided amusement during the bloody match when he almost fell through the ropes of the ring.

"A little crazy aggression. I just went charging like the 'toro' that I am. And, you know, I assumed the ropes were tighter. So I blame them," he said.

At more than HK$2,000 (£169) a seat, the black-tie crowd filled every chair inside the makeshift boxing tent.

Proceeds go to children's charities Operation Breakthrough and Operation Smile, with last year's event raising more than $65,000 (£42,000) U.S. dollar.

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