Police in Michigan want to identify a hopeless burglar who tripped up and revealed far too much of himself to an in-store CCTV camera.

The clumsy felon broke into a car repair shop in Waterford just before midnight on 4 December after smashing through a window with a flowerpot.

But no sooner was he inside the premises than he was on the floor after tripping over and losing his trousers in the process.

He lay on the floor with his rear exposed before eventually collecting his composure, and his dignity, and moving to the counter.

Police say he left empty-handed but are hoping to apprehend him in any case – CCTV cameras at the Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Center also got a view of his face.

Police describe him as white, 5ft 10in, 245lbs, and wearing a black coat with red sleeves, torn pants and a black hat.

He was also not wearing any shoes during the attempted break-in.

The suspect is not the first felon to lose his trousers this year. In June, a Florida burglar had just robbed more than $500 (£400) worth of goods from the back seat of a vehicle in a residential area in Palm Springs when his pants fell to his ankles and he tripped headfirst.

Burglar pants fall off
A burglar revealed himself to the CCTV camera Waterford police