A Florida burglar has literally been caught with his trousers down after CCTV footage showed him suffering a wardrobe malfunction as he made for his getaway vehicle on 18 June.

He had just robbed more than $500 (£400) worth of goods from the back seat of a vehicle in a residential cul-de-saq in Palm Springs when his trousers plummeted to his ankles and he tripped headfirst into his own ride.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's office is appealing to anyone that can help identify him or his accomplice, whose trousers remained around his waist – presumably he gets to wear the belt at weekends.

The video was uploaded to Twitter by the Sheriff's Office yesterday (20 June), accompanied with amusing subtitles, including: "Look bro... coins... for laundry."

A statement from the Sheriff's Office read:

"On 18/6/2017 at 4.27am two suspects drove to a residence in Olympia and committed a vehicle burglary. Both suspects made entry into the vehicle. When another vehicle approached, the suspects ran back to their car.

"The driver entered first, then as the passenger ran, he lost his pants, tripped and smashed into the door of the suspect vehicle.

"He then managed to climb inside the vehicle and they left the area. A stethoscope worth $500, phone charger and loose change were stolen.

"If you have any information or can identify the suspects call Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Wellington Detective Bureau."

Burglar pants fall off
"My pants!" Palm Beach County Sherrif's Office