Ruthless mum
Mother-of-three captured on camera battering her young children Facebook

A mother-of-three was captured on camera battering her young children, aged 1 and 3, because one of them seemed to have lost her tablet device.

The horrifying video was secretly filmed by the children's cousin and has since made its way to the internet, triggering a torrent of furious messages with people branding the mother a "monster".

In the footage, the sobbing children are seen on a makeshift bed, as the mother rains blows on them and slaps the little ones on their head and back. At one point, the mother lifts her three-year-old daughter by her hair and hurls her to the other end of the room.

The young mother does not stop even after this inhuman treatment and throws a final kick at her wailing daughter, which flings her across the room.

The mum's third child is not visible in the clip and as per reports has been put under the care of her grandmother.

According to Mirror Online, the incident took place in Bahia Blanca, a city some 400 miles away from Argentinian capital Buenos Aires.

"Give me the tablet. Why can't you remember where you leave things?" the 33-year-old is heard scolding her children in the footage. "If anyone else gets hold of it, I'll kill you," she warns.

[Warning: The graphic video embedded below may be upsetting for some viewers. Viewer discretion advised]

The savage treatment of the children was brought to local authorities' attention by an elderly woman, said to be the grandmother of the children. "A 54-year-old woman alerted officials to a video taken on a mobile phone in which her 33-year-old daughter can be seen mistreating her two children, aged one and three," a police source was quoted as saying.

Local authorities are reported to have intervened and removed the children from the woman's custody. In addition, the mother-of-three, whose name has not been disclosed by news outlets, is being investigated by a family court in Bahia Blanca.

Besides evoking the fury of locals, the heartbreaking act by the mother captured in the footage has also infuriated many social media users.

"I hope they don't give you your children back. The word 'mother' isn't the right one for you. Poor little girl, god Bless you," said one.

While another added, "She's been filmed savagely beating her daughter because of a tablet she can't find. Someone has to act and save these little creatures from this monster. Make sure these pictures and video go viral."