This gruesome photo was posted on Twitter by a semi-professional football club after being duped by a web troll.

Blyth Town FC posted on its official Twitter feed this graphic image showing a foot almost completely severed from the ankle.

The disturbing photo was originally tweeted to the club on the social media website by a user called @bryanelliot5, who included the club's @blythtown1 handle.

The tweet read: "bad injury off this morning on Broadway hope he's ok."

It appears the club was not sure at first whether the image really was an injury suffered by one of its own players. But of course, it was not - as pointed out by the Mirror.

The Northumberland club was none too impressed when the penny dropped they had been tricked by a Twitter prankster.

Blyth Town hit back: "no confirmation that it's one of ours if it's fake I agree they need locked up #sick #wrong #disgusting"

The image has been circulating on the web for years and although it appears to show a genuine injury, it most certainly was not suffered by a Blyth player on the football pitch.