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The horses were found in a stable near Pontardawe, South Wales Google

Six horses were brutally attacked while in stables near Pontardawe, South Wales, on Tuesday (17 November) night. The animals were discovered the following morning. The family of the owners have said that only one creature survived.

The surviving animal had to have 14 stitches in its neck, Bethan Davies, sister of horse owner Kyle Bradnum, told the South Wales Evening Post. "We have been devastated by this," Davis reported.

The horses attacked included a six-month-old Shetland foal, two section C show fillies and a six-year-old mare. Davis said that the animals had clean cuts across their necks.

The RSPCA have attended the scene. The organisation would only confirm the death of one of the horses and was unable to comment further, said the South Wales Evening Post.

"We don't know what to do next. There isn't much we can do," said Davis.