Jerry Collins
New Zealand\'s Jerry Collins runs with the ball during a Rugby World Cup match against Portugal in 2007 Getty

People from around the world have taken to social media to express sadness over the passing of former All Black rugby star Jerry Collins and his wife Alana Madill, who have been killed in a car crash in France.

The 34 year old, who had been playing for French side Racing Club Narbonne, is said to have lost control of his vehicle and collided with a bus.

His name is trending worldwide on Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Also making the rounds on the internet are the start of the Fifa Women's World Cup on 6 June in Canada, #WorldEnvironmentDay and #NationalFishandChipDay.

Read on to see the top stories and subjects trending across the web.

Google trends UK – Top 5

India heatwave
An Indian minister has blamed the country\'s recent deadly heatwave on climate change Getty

Twitter trends UK – Top 10 (as of 12pm BST)

Facebook trends Top 5

  • Jeremy Corbyn: Islington MP announces candidacy for Labour leader
  • #EdexcelMaths: Students use hashtag to vent about GSCE maths exam held on 3 June
  • Alton Towers: Park to stay closed until investigation into rollercoaster crash is complete, chief says
  • World Environment Day: Annual global observance encourages awareness and action for the planet
  • Maggi: Nestlé India executive promises to work with officials to bring noodle product back
Google Doodle for Women\'s World Cup
Google is marking the start of the Women\'s World Cup in Canada with one of its Doodles Google

Alexa Trends – Top 10

1. 1853 Kinney Avenue Community Center

2. Kyrie Irving

3. NBA Finals

4. Gmail

5. Warriors

6. Caitlyn Jenner

7. Dong Lei

8. Jon Batiste

9. Airbnb

10. Heidi Swedberg

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