how to get away with murder Episode 10
How To Get Away With Murder episode 10 will air on 29 January, 2015 HTGAWM/Facebook

The synopsis of the winter premiere of How to Get Away With Murder and promotional pictures have been released, as the hit series returns this Thursday, 29 January at 10 PM on the ABC Television Network.

Episode 10 is titled Hello, Raskolnikov; where secrets will come out of the closet, questions will be answered and a murderer will be exposed.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

The thriller series followed the mystery behind Sam Keating's murder, who was killed by Annalise's law students and his corpse was burnt to ashes to cover up any evidence in the winter finale episode.

The promotional pictures released show that there is trouble for the students at Annalise Keating's home office. Officers remove boxes of case files from her house while her students, watch the ordeal.

A still teases that Bonnie would take up a prominent role within the law firm, while Annalise is missing from the image, and Rebekah is present.

This raises the question: Is she still hiding in the hotel room where Wes left her, or has she decided to skip town?

Series creator Peter Nowalk has teased that certain episodes will "play with time".

Nowalk told TV guide, "The final six episodes will not only focus on Rebecca's trial, during which Lila's murderer will be revealed, but it will deal with the fallout of the Keating's deadly deed, and Annalise and Wes' little secret."

"The big thing that bleeds through all the characters is their paranoia in the next few episodes, and who knows what. 'Am I being played?'," he added.

"The distrust is running high. At the same time, they have to rely on each other more than ever," the show creator concluded.

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