Grey's Anatomy will return with its winter premiere episode on January 29 at 8pm on ABC.

The fall finale of Grey's Anatomy witnessed a lot of drama, with Derek potentially leaving for DC without Meredith and the fate of April and Jackson's unborn child on the line.

The ninth episode of season 11 is titled, Where Do We Go from Here? In this episode Derek and Meredith's marriage will be put to the test.

The official synopsis from ABC reads as follows:

"As Derek prepares for his move to DC, Meredith keeps herself busy at the hospital. Meanwhile, Jackson and April deal with difficult news, and Arizona and Amelia discuss how to best approach Dr. Herman."

Jessica Capshaw, and Camilla Luddington who play Arizona Robbins and Jo Wilson, revealed that there are some big moments coming up in the upcoming episodes.

"There's such huge stuff coming! And it's so top-secret we can't even tell you who it involves," Capshaw told TVLine.

"See, I've been advising tequila, but only the good stuff. I have also been saying - and I might need to patent this idea - that you need to get an iPhone-like cover for your flat-screen TV, because you're going to be throwing stuff," she added.

Luddington teased that even the cast members were crying during the filming.

"There's no relaxing. There's no calm before the storm. It's just storm. All storm, all the time," she said.

The drama could possibly involve Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), who left things hanging during the fall finale.

Are they headed for a breakup?

Ellen Pompeo previously dished on the fall finale events and said, "Meredith and Derek aren't breaking up."

"That's not happening," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Eventually at some point we'll get back to being good, I'm sure. We go in cycles, but hopefully we'll play out the relationship in realistic ways, and we get interesting stuff so that we can give good performances," Pompeo added.