How I Met Your Mother
A scene with Ted and Robin from finale episode How I Met Your Mother/CBS

HIMYM finale is just around the corner and even though there has been enough evidence to state that the show will end in the conventional manner where Ted and the Mother will finally meet, small hints being dropped about Robin and Ted's story not being completely done and over with, can't be ignored.

Here's a theory: What if the Mother and Ted's wife are two different people, (wife being Robin). Earlier reports have stated that there are scenes in the finale that take place in the future.

Maybe Ted and the mother do get together but in the future Ted is with Robin. This, keeping in mind, that rumours suggesting that the Mother dies, are true.

Here are some of the key scenes over the last two seasons on HIMYM, which indicate that Robin and Ted might just stand a chance of ending up together.

1. Barney snaps at Ted over Robin

In season 8, episode 21 Romeward Bound, Ted is giving some advice to Barney on his marriage with robin when Barney snaps at him saying, "you are not the one getting married, I am and Robin is marrying me, not you." Ted then apologizes for overstepping and gets up to get the next round. The moment had an undercurrent of tension which was not addressed in subsequent episodes. Plus, it is very unlike Barney to act in such a manner.

2. The scene between Ted and Robin at the carousel

In season 8, episode 23 Something Old, Robin is trying to locate a locket of immense significance and in the process is also going through some emotional turmoil. She calls both Barney and Ted and between the two, Ted is the one who is able to understand Robin's tone and comes to her ditching his big interview meeting. The scene ends with both of them holding hands sharing a moment.

Over the next episodes, Ted realises that he can never stop being in love with Robin and decides to move to Chicago so that he doesn't have to face her.

3. Scene between Robin and her mother

In Season 9, episode 20 Daisy, Robin's mom explains to her that there are all kinds of marriages, and the trick is finding someone who is there for you, someone you can really depend on, and then you're fine.

"Do you have someone like that?" she asks. The kicker comes at this point when Robin thinks for a few seconds and then replies, "I do." That moment clearly indicated that Robin was thinking about Ted and not Barney.

These three key moments form the crux of a major indication that things between Ted and Robin are not over. Theirs is a story that has matured, evolved and developed over the last nine seasons. While Robin's feelings towards Barney seem strong, the couple has never had moments as strong and deep as Robin and Ted's.

The finale is rumoured to have a funeral plus there was that very confusing and bizarre scene with future Ted and the Mother, where Ted breaks out in tears.

It remains to be seen what truly transpires.

New How I Met Your Mother episode titled Gary Blauman airs tonight.