Android L
Android L Wallapaper

Ever since Google showed off Android L, the latest version of its Mobile OS, fans and fanatics have been trying to get it on their Android smartphones. A new report now indicates that users can add certain elements from Android L into their Android smartphones through new methods.

1) Get the Heads-Up Notification Feature

a) Method For Those Who Don't Want To Root

An app from Dr Alexander Breen called "Heads Up" is your quickest way to get the heads-up notification element that was shown off along with Android L.

"During the intensive game, or during hard work - Heads Up! will always save your day," says the developer.

"This app will let you receive floating notifications from selected apps which you will be able to dismiss - or, if you want, they will disappear all by themselves. You can filter out silent heads-up notifications, or you can filter out ongoing notifications, or, if you want, heads-up notifications will appear only in fullscreen mode."

b) Method That Requires Rooting

Users are expected to have rooted their phones with Xposed installed to use this method. They can get the heads-up notifications by simply installing the Xposed module of the same name from the Xposed Installer app. However, the options with this element are much more limited when compared to the previously mentioned Heads Up app.

2) Android L Calculator

The next Android L app that's available right now happens to be the Android L calculator. The developer warns that the apps are filled with bugs and that there are advertisements in it. It takes a while to start up but offers decent functionality in return.

3) Android L Keyboard

The keyboard from the Android L Developer Preview has been modified to run as a standalone app. Old users who can't change to Material may need a reinstall. To show the Emojis button, hold down the Enter key.

4) Everything Else

An XDA Forum member, ivan123, has compiled a full Android L system package which includes key apps, the built-in keyboard, wallpapers, ringtones, and more. You can download everything as a single file, or pick and download selective items. Contents include a new Google Maps, Gmail, News & Weather, and calculator.