iPhone iOS 9 battery app usage
Are you addicted to your apps? iOS 9 will tell you how long you spend on them iStock

We all love the plethora of apps available on our mobiles, but some of us might love them a bit too much. If you've ever wondered how much time you actually spend with your nose in your iPhone playing your favourite game or going on Facebook, then a new feature on iOS 9 will tell you. If you want to find out, that is.

If you're ready to be hit with a tangible amount of time you fritter away then within the settings menu of the latest software update you'll get a whole list of your app activity in the past 24 or eight hour,s revealing how much time was spent using the app on-screen or it running in the background.

It's part of the battery usage tool, which was introduced in iOS 8 so you could see what apps were draining your battery but now in iOS 9 it goes further by actually turning that percentage into an amount of time.

iOS 9 battery usage
New iOS 9 battery usage feature shows your activity in minutes

How to check your app activity

To check your activity all you have to do is go to settings then tap battery and then the clock icon in the top-right. From here you'll be given a breakdown of usage. You can be presented with some pretty eye-opening stats, like the amount of hours you actually played Candy Crush, which might go some way to helping your battery management or understanding your addictive habits. This feature takes on a particularly interesting use as a tool for parents wanting to keep tabs on their children's phone usage. They can check how long their kids have been gaming or how much of the day they've been using social media when they perhaps shouldn't.

Apple's iOS 9 was rolled out last week ahead of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which will both be available on 25<sup>th September.