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Online Gaming

Technological developments are the number one driving force that propels gaming innovation to new stratospheres and create whole new projects that embrace these pioneering movements since online gaming became a viable and highly lucrative way for gaming companies to announce themselves on the world stage.

Many significant advancements, ranging from high-quality graphics cards to augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, have created new roles for gaming companies and an entirely new avenue of gaming genres for people to explore. This year is no different – and while AI is taking all the attention away from other technological developments, online gaming is at the forefront when it comes to companies using cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall design of their top games.

Online slot gaming

Casino gaming has grown to a global stature since the early 2000s, and a major driving force behind this has been the industry's openness to embracing new technology. Internet casino gaming was one of the first viable and practical use cases that saw mass adoption and brought colossal waves of investment into the industry.

As we fast-forward over two decades, online slot gaming commands a considerable part of the industry, driving multibillion-pound profits and embracing critical technological advancements. Over the last six months, the main developments in casino slot gaming have come via AI and virtual reality. Artificial intelligence transforms complex slot gaming outcomes, increases unpredictability, and enhances the underlying coding and design sophistication.

Slot games have also felt the full impact of increased graphics quality and intrinsic slot game design changes. Video slots, 3D games, and cascading reels have all changed significantly, but this is just the tip of the iceberg in the broader slot gaming world – see more at for a full breakdown of the types of games impacted by these enormous changes. While there are a few other elements to consider, technological advances in slot gaming and the wider casino gaming industry have played an integral role in the broader growth.

Exploring the role of VR development

Technology news is relentless, and although it was only a few years ago that Mark Zuckerberg changed Facebook's name to Meta and announced a huge pivot toward VR, this technological change has taken a painful few years to simmer. When we say painful, we're talking from the perspective of Meta's research and development funds.

While it has been a significant financial setback for Meta, they are still barking up the wrong tree, maybe at the wrong time. There's no denying that VR technology is starting to have a more significant impact on online gaming. Still, in hindsight, Zuckerberg's switch to VR was too sudden and too early for mass adoption.

As the company enters its 20th year, there's no denying that the VR switch could make or break it. Meta's VR headsets need to be both financially viable and have the potential for mass adoption, and in all honesty, back in 2021, they had neither. It's been an arduous path over the last two years, but their fortunes have slowly improved over the previous few months.

In 2024, due to VR headsets becoming more abundant and companies still plowing money into their development, they've dropped considerably in price. Ultimately, this has had an enormous impact on online games, as many companies now view the technology as a potential new horizon, putting more of their time and energy into developing titles for gamers choosing to play via their VR headsets and immerse themselves within the game.

How could future developments play out?

Those in the gaming design business believe that the AI and VR boom will not be a flash in the pan and should continue to pick up momentum until the end of 2025. The growth of VR gaming will depend on how many people explore it and believe it is a viable alternative to the more traditional gaming routes. Artificial intelligence is another debate entirely.

Since the beginning of 2023, trillions of dollars have been invested in AI. With online gaming being one of the top industries for embedding brand-new tech and looking to level up using these changes, AI will dominate gaming in the way it's set to dominate healthcare, finance, and dozens of other prominent sectors.

Online gaming will continue to pick up momentum, and it's an industry that continues to grow as younger demographics drive the market. This results in larger customer bases that understand the importance of embracing new technology and all of its advances and developments.

Like any technological development, these changes must add value, and whether it is AI, VR, or any other disruptive innovation, the impact must be positive. Given the rave reviews that many VR gamers have reported throughout the year's first half, this is the one trend that could have the most considerable growth in the second half of 2024.