King Charles III and Queen Camilla waved from the Buckingham Palace balcony following their coronations
King Charles III and Queen Camilla waved from the Buckingham Palace balcony following their coronations on May 6, 2023. AFP News

Howard Stern is clearly not a fan of the British Royal Family as he criticised the pomp and pageantry involved during King Charles III's coronation amid the economic crisis in the U.K.

The outspoken talk show host blasted the royals in a recent episode of Sirius XM's "The Howard Stern Show." He said he does not understand the country's fascination with the royal family but understands that "maybe it brings in tourism." He said that it "provides a flavour to the country and something for people to go see."

He urged, "England's gotta get a grip on themselves...Jesus H. Christ. First of all, Prince Charles is a p—y. That's No. 1 — and people are acting like — the whole ceremony they're acting like that f***ing guy went to war or something, and then beat up all the other people."

He added, "They're like, 'We swear our allegiance to you and you are a great warrior.' I mean, the whole thing is f–king nuts."

Stern then explained why he thinks King Charles III's coronation was abhorrent and cited the country's economic crisis. He said, "I'll tell you why it's disgusting. I mean, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to say this, but, you know, England's having its own economic problems and they spent a fortune on that coronation. And it's just repugnant to watch a country who's suffering through economic problems ... and then you see the pomp and circumstance."

He admits that he gets the coronation is "part of the tourism" but that "it just sends the wrong message" amid the crisis.

Elsewhere during the show, Stern also poked fun at King Charles III's inability to remember his lines during the ceremony. He pointed out that the monarch prepared for this moment his whole life yet "he didn't bother to learn his part." He also said that it gave him the heebie-jeebies when he heard the congregation swear their allegiance to His Majesty during the service.

The 69-year-old also made fun of the choir when it sang "Viva Regina Camilla" which means "Long live Queen Camilla." He said "Regina" sounded like "vagina" which made it sound like the people were singing "I love vagina Camilla."

This is not the first time the talk show host spoke against the monarchy. He also rallied against the non-stop coverage in the U.S.A. of Queen Elizabeth II following her death in September 2022.

He called it "weird traditions and everything" and said, "Jesus, enough with the Queen! I mean, it's America, we don't have a Queen." He shared he found the "distraction of the Queen annoying." Although, he understood that Her Majesty "was a nice lady" and that she had been the Queen his whole life so "there's a tradition there and she did her duty to her country."

Likewise, Stern said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle "come off as whiny b***ches" after he watched their "Harry & Meghan" Netflix series.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla were formally crowned in a ceremony officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in London's Westminster Abbey on May 6. They were crowned the new King and Queen in front of a reported 2,200 guests.

According to reports, the coronation cost U.K. taxpayers over £250 million, with a Home Office representative estimating over £150 million went to security alone given that this is "one of the biggest public events in recent history." It is the first coronation in 70 years following Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953.

The extravagance amid the cost of living crisis in the U.K. took other people to the streets to protest during coronation day. Some were holding up signs printed with "#NotMyKing." Despite the rallies, King Charles III thanked the British people for "the greatest possible coronation gift."