Howard Stern did not hesitate when he volunteered to kiss Ellen DeGeneres on the lips during his first-ever visit to her talk show. He said he wanted their kiss to rival her viral photo with George W. Bush.

The 65-year-old TV personality certainly made a memorable appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," when he offered to help the comedienne forget about the "grief" that people gave her over her photo with the former U.S. president. Stern told the talk show host that he is always on her side and so he will do anything to erase this picture from her mind and from everyone's memory.

"This is a brilliant booking on your part having me on the show. People have this picture in their mind of you and George Bush. What you need to do, in my opinion, is take a picture with me, making out with me," Stern advised, to which a surprised DeGeneres replied, "Oh."

Amid shrieks from the audience, the host of "The Howard Stern" radio show explained that their makeout photo would definitely erase people's memory of her photo with Bush.

"I was just thinking once people see me with you, no one's going to be thinking about George Bush," Stern added to which the comedienne replied, "That's true."

DeGeneres revealed that what got her in trouble in the first place, was because she showed Bush a photo of his painting. The "Finding Dory" star agreed to the kiss, as long as there is no tongue involved. She also revealed that she had kissed guys recently, and named Colin Farrell and Leonardo DiCaprio as the guys on the receiving end.

"This is the picture that is going to make America forget that you were sitting next to George W. Bush," Stern said before he removed his glasses, closed his eyes, puckered up his lips, and leaned in close for the kiss and DeGeneres met him halfway.

Stern and DeGeneres kissed amid cheers from the audience, including from Stern's wife. The producer even joked that the 61-year-old DeGeneres pushed her tongue a little bit.

DeGeneres and Stern's kiss comes after the former, a Liberal, had to defend her friendship with Bush, a Republican, when they were photographed sitting together and sharing a few laughs at a football game.

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