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HSBC Turkey said it has begun investigations with the country's banking regulator Reuters

The Turkish arm of HSBC has said that cyber-criminals have stolen credit card information of 2.7 million of its customers in the country.

HSBC Turkey said credit card information of customers had been compromised, but added that the victims are not at risk of having their money stolen.

The bank said that additional security measures had been put in place to monitor transactions.

"There is no financial risk to our customers and there has been no evidence of any fraud or other suspicious activity arising from this incident. Our customers may continue to perform all banking transactions with HSBC as usual," the statement read.

"We are using the strength of HSBC Group's global network to address this incident and we have implemented enhanced security measures to improve the security of our information systems and card transactions."

HSBC Turkey said it has begun an investigation into the matter in conjunction with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey (BRSA).