All New HTC One M8 2014

Even before the dust from the announcement of the HTC One (M8) smartphone has settled, drop, scratch and water resistance tests have arrived. Check out some of the videos below to understand how durable HTC's new flagship handset really is.

Drop Test

While this year's HTC One feels as solid as its predecessor thanks to the very same aluminium body, it has a slipper finish, meaning that there's a greater chance that users could drop the phone. Can this handset handle a drop or two?

After having dropped it on its back, the handset got away with a few scratches on the rear and no damage done to the front side or the screen. A drop on the phone's side results in nothing more than scratches, with the front and screen still unscathed. What happened during a drop onto the handset's face? Have a look below.

It is worthwhile to note that despite all the damage, the phone is still working and solid owing to its strong aluminium body.

Water Test

How does the HTC One (M8) fare in water? Check out the video below for more on that.

Scratch and Hammer Test

Watch below as the HTC One (M8) goes under the butcher's knife, a pocket knife and then a hammer. Does it survive? Absolutely.

While its back seems to take quite a beating from the knives in the video, the HTC One's screen seems to remain unscathed despite all the punishment. Given that the phone managed to survive a beating from a hammer, it can be confirmed that the handset is easily one of the strongest ones out there.